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Synced Synapse bcddf24ba2 Mark untranslatable strings 3 years ago
Synced Synapse bb395a78d6 Keep all strings to be localized in strings.xml
Remove strings to be localized from arrays.xml, keeping them all in strings.xml, to facilitate localization efforts.
3 years ago
Synced Synapse 39e6ffa690 Bump version for release 3 years ago
Martijn Brekhof 5c76064bab
Fixed file URL encoding (#743) 3 years ago
Martijn Brekhof 6ed64bf9f9
Fixed refreshing playlist on HTTP connections (#740)
When Kore retrieves the data over HTTP the playlist would be
refreshed every 4 seconds. This caused the playlist to jump to
the top when scrolled down. This has been fixed by checking if
the new playlist is different from the current playlist. If not
nothing changes.
3 years ago
STB Land a9a833ddfe
Add support to sharing from Arte's video to Kodi (#736)
* Add support to sharing from Arte video (The European Culture Channel) to Kodi
* Handle Arte's video (The European Culture Channel)
3 years ago
Francesco Bonazzi 74ef717a37 Unified logic to parse intent for links and for local URIs 3 years ago
Francesco Bonazzi 5f0ca05eeb Added support for Prime Videos shared from the official Amazon app 3 years ago
Martijn Brekhof c44a5f0612 Fixed test setup
* Reverted gradle plugin upgrade to prevent forcing users to
  upgrade to Android Studio 4 preview version.
* Refactored TVShowsActivityTests into using the AndroidX libs.
* Updated test setup to handle saving tab state in abstract list fragment.
3 years ago
DoomMortal 5299e8e607 Migration Tests to AndroidX
Fix import statements to AndroidX
3 years ago
DoomMortal 145df0986e Searchview update
Update Searchview to AndroidX
3 years ago
Martijn Brekhof 6b58ed6495 Fix androidx migration for commandline builds 3 years ago
DoomMortal ebae33755c AndroidX migration
Migration to AndroidX
- Update to API level 29
- Update Java sourcecode and xml import statements
- Upgrade Butterknife Version 10 AndroidX support
- Set Java 8 compile options due Butterknife needs it
3 years ago
Kévin Minions a8389b9215
Update strings.xml (#734) 3 years ago
H. Lehmann a16cf771ee
Do not set download button state when cancelling download (#731) 3 years ago
H. Lehmann 937008a4bd
Remember last-used tab (#730) 3 years ago
daniel3x 0d25fc90d5
update pt-pt translation (#724)
"Quit" means "Sair" in portuguese.  "Encerrar" or "Desligar" is the same as "Shutdown"
3 years ago
homocomputeris cddfe8b80b
Update Russian locale (#722)
* Update strings.xml
3 years ago
homocomputeris 6d2c9557a4
Remove XBMC from interface strings (#721)
* Make Kore untranslatable
* Remove XBMC from interface strings
* Fix button names so that they match and unify HTML tags
* Break lines for readability
3 years ago
t0nik0 2467f06a60
Add Intent filter for HTTP(S) links w/MIME and (#716)
one more host
3 years ago
Martijn Brekhof ecf722f9b2
Allowed cleartext traffic for Api >27 (#715)
From API 28 cleartext traffic is by default denied. This means that
HTTP connections with Kodi fail to download files through the
download manager.
3 years ago
Michael Bien 571e3ceae8
Uri encoding for local filenames. (#710)
* Uri encoding for local filenames. Kodi should now be able to play http-served files with spaces or other special characters in their name.

* Uri encoding for local files served with "share with Kore".
3 years ago
Martijn Brekhof e63fd40d9f
Issue/play from here (#713)
* Fixes race condition in MediaFileListFragment

The "Play from here" feature previously queued all songs at once using
a loop and did not wait until an add action was confirmed by Kodi
before queueing the next item. This sometimes resulted in a seemingly
random play order on Kodi.

* Fixed play from here adding first item twice

When selecting "Play from here" in the file browser the current
item is started using "playMediaFile" and the subsequent items
 are queued. However, the current item was added to the queue
list as well. Resulting in the first item always being added twice
to the playlist.
3 years ago
Martijn Brekhof e92722375c
Added support for user certs (#714)
To support connecting to Kodi over SSL using self-signed certificates
we need to allow this explicitly for Android versions 6 and higher.
3 years ago
Martijn Brekhof 33043396b8
Fixed OutOfBounds exception (#708)
This fixes an array out of bounds exception when the playlist is cleared
and the PlaylistFragment.playlistsAvailable is called with an empty
3 years ago
Minho Park 47c4ed87e3
Update Korean translation (#702) 3 years ago
Kévin Minions fb10886a0e
Update French Translation 3 years ago
claike b478c5bece
Updated Russian localization (#711)
Revisited translations, many minor improvements
Minor change (Телепередачи -> Сериалы)
3 years ago
alexander 1977600a54 Added ability to play media files locally (#125) 3 years ago
Artem Moskalchuk dcdac90faa Update Ukrainian localization (minor fix, add new strings) (#700) 3 years ago
Synced Synapse 093ac09ef2 Bump version for release 3 years ago
Synced Synapse 7ce2d3131d Update pt-pt translations 3 years ago
Selaron dd53f621e5 Implemented search field for PVR views
* Implemented search field for PVR views. (#695)
* Implemented search field for PVRChannelEPGListFragment. (#695)
3 years ago
Selaron a3ed983fee Allow sorting of PVR Recordings and optionally hide watched items. (#694)
* Added menu options to PVR recordings view fragment: Sorting and hide_watched option.
Default to unsorted (showing the order delivered by Kodi). Default to not hide watched recordings. (#385)

* Implemented sorting and filtering of PVR recordings as per user's selection. (#385)
3 years ago
Francesco Bonazzi 37ef130a7c Share local files - part 2 (#693)
* Local media files (image, audio, video) can now be shared with Kore. Added token to HttpApp to improve security.

* Added 'Queue on Kodi' share option. 'Play on Kodi' skips the playlist while 'Queue on Kodi' puts the media link at the end of the playlist
3 years ago
Synced Synapse 5d0969c66e Fix preferences saving of nav drawer and bottom bar shortcuts
Preferences for the Nav Drawer and Bottom Bar shortcuts weren't being properly saved. This fixes that and also fixes the order or the Navigation Drawer items, after the addition of the Local Files option.
4 years ago
Francesco Bonazzi b14524963f Stream local files with NanoHTTPD server (#681)
Added local file browser. NanoHTTPD is used to create a local HTTP server to allow to stream files stored on in Android device to Kodi. Added support for multiple local files streaming.
4 years ago
Martijn Brekhof 83527db928 Fixed issue setting preferred locale in Settings (#689)
SettingsActivity does not inherit from BaseActivity which caused
the preferred locale not to be set. This was not apparent when
switching to the Settings screen as the preferred locale would
already have been set by a previous activity which does inherit
from BaseActivity (e.g. RemoteActivity). Therefore we needed
to explicitly set the preferred locale as well in SettingsActivity.
4 years ago
Synced Synapse b962fece80 Apply markup decoding to media file list and addon content list 4 years ago
Artem Moskalchuk 4897c3fd43 Update Ukrainian localization (#687) 4 years ago
Kévin Minions e0de5e3bdc Update strings.xml (#684) 4 years ago
Martijn Brekhof 41b9f33cd2 Implemented changing language in-app (#680)
This allows users to use a different supported locale than the one that
matches the device's locale.
4 years ago
cpunk 6899a53e2c corrected translation (#682)
geschalten -> corrected to geschaltet
4 years ago
Nick Grimshaw f91d799823 Fix issue with showing multiple bookmarked addons (#678) 4 years ago
Jordane Quincy 1ea54b8d7f Add color support to UIUtils.applyMarkup (#667) 4 years ago
Anatoly Nikiforov f7ed2f3bc3 Update russian strings (#676) 4 years ago
Martijn Brekhof f024c13ca5 Implemented UI tests for PlaylistFragment (#658) 4 years ago
Synced Synapse 7dfd982643 Tweak connection threads
This PR fixes some issues with connections and threading. Specifically, the  change in #618 introduced threading in `HostConnection`, which had some issues. To fix them, the following changes were made:
- A specific TCP listener thread is used and manually started, instead of using one of the threads in the pool. The TCP listener thread is a long lived thread that should always be running (as long as the connection is through TCP), blocked listening on the TCP socket, so it shouldn't be managed in a pool, where, theoretically, it can be paused and reused. 
- Changed the number of threads to 5. We shouldn't need more than this, otherwise we can overwhelm some Kodi hardware.
- Had to sprinkle some `synchronized` to avoid race conditions. For instance, through a TCP connection, as soon as Kore is opened (on the remote screen) it will call at least `GetActivePlayers`, `GetProperties`, `Ping`. If the TCP socket isn't set up yet, each of these calls would create a socket (and a TCP listener thread), so we would open 3 or more sockets when we should just open 1. A `synchronized` in `executeThroughTcp` prevents this. The others prevent similar issues.

- Tweaked the playlist fetching code, so that it happens exclusively in `HostConnectionObserver` and when PlaylistFragment is notified of changes, it already gets the playlist data. This somewhat simplifies the code, and makes it more consistent with the Player Observer code;
- Change `EventServerConnection` to accept a Handler on which to post the result of the connection, so that the caller can control on which thread the result is called;
- Calls to the various `RegisterObserver` loose the reply immediately parameter, as it was always true.
4 years ago
Tibor Repček 4ac37f3f02 Added slovak language (slovenčina) (#672)
* Create strings.xml

* Update strings.xml
4 years ago
Jay Linski 8e0176e326 Support sharing SoundCloud tracks (#671) 4 years ago