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# Pendora Box
This too has several functions:
* Keep your pentesting scripts, binaries hosted on Github up-to-date.
* Listen on HTTP or SMB to easily share your files to the victims
## To-Do
* Add chisel x64
* Integrate msfvenom
* Add Webshells sync
* Ability to add comments or description
* Prettier code
* Adding more services to listen to ?
## Pre-requisites
* requests python module
* rpmfile python module
* impacket must be in PATH
## Usage
[Create a Github personal access token](, and create the file `credz.json`:
"username": "DwightSchrute",
user@wow$ python -h
usage: [-h] [-u]
Sync your files and starts a listener on HTTP, SMB or SMB2.
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-u, --update update your files (described in config.json)
## Adding a file to track
Simply add the informations to [config.json](./config.json), for a release set "local_version" to a random value and run the script.
The file is gonna be automatically downloaded.
## Share a file temporarly
You can add a file you wish to share once in `files/tmp`.
Every time you start the script, you will be asked if you want to clear the folder (if not empty).