Notes on eGPU tests/setup
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Physical setup

flowchart LR
    A[Laptop Latitute 7390] <-->|TB3 60W| B[eGPU TH3P4G3]
    B -->|PCIe| C[AMD XFX RX 590 Fatboy]
    B -->|TB3| D[OWC Thunderbolt Dock]
    D -->|TB| E[Monitor 1]
    D -->|TB| F[Monitor 2]
    D -->|Ethernet| G[Internet]
    D -->|USB| H[Keyboard]
    E -->|internal USB hub| I[Audio DAC]

Software setup

  • Manjaro Linux
  • Cinnamon (X11)


Package: xf86-video-amdgpu

For hashcat:

  • Requires ROCm: -> RX 590 needs PCIe atomics support -> TH3P4G3 does not support atomics
  • Working with proprietary opencl-legacy-amdgpu-pro: -> Bug eGPU duplicated: clinfo -l -> Hashcat working (way faster than with iGPU)


I have tested:

  • X11 on eGPU + Gaming on eGPU -> Lag
  • X11 on eGPU + Gaming on iGPU -> Lag
  • X11 on iGPU + Gaming on iGPU -> Okay
  • X11 on iGPU + Gaming on eGPU -> Good

Better to leave integrated GPU manage X11 and start apps on explicitly on external GPU (see PRIME)


  • Hot-plug: Yes (kernel 5.14+). Works with dock + monitors. Can run Apps on eGPU using PRIME
  • Hot-unplug: Not supported. Doing so will produce errors in dmesg and logout. Avoid: Freeze if hot-plug again. relevant:

For additional issues X11 on iGPU, see