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Martijn Brekhof 412931b8db Refactored AbstractDetailsFragment
This introduces the MVC model to details fragments. It moves as much
view and control code out of the concrete fragments into the abstract

   * Added UML class and sequence diagrams under doc/diagrams to clarify
     the new setup

   * Introduces new abstract classes
      * AbstractFragment class to hold the DataHolder
      * AbstractInfoFragment class to display media information
      * AbstractAddtionalInfoFragment class to allow *InfoFragments
        to add additional UI elements and propagate refresh requests.
        See for an example TVShowInfoFragment which adds
        TVShowProgressFragment to display next episodes and season

   * Introduces new RefreshItem class to encapsulate all refresh
     functionality from AbstractDetailsFragment

   * Introduces new SharedElementTransition utility class to encapsulate
     all shared element transition code

   * Introduces new CastFragment class to encapsulate all code for
     displaying casts reducing code duplication

   * Introduces DataHolder class to replace passing the ViewHolder from
     the *ListFragment to the *DetailsFragment or *InfoFragment

   * Refactored AbstractDetailsFragment into two classes:

     o AbstractDetailsFragment: for fragments requiring a tab bar
     o AbstractInfoFragment:    for fragments showing media information

     We used to use <NAME>DetailsFragments for both fragments that show
     info about some media item and fragments that hold all details for
     some media item.
     For example, artist details showed artist info and used tabs to
     show artist albums and songs as well. Now Details fragments are
     used to show all details, Info fragments only show media item
     information like description, title, rating, etc.

   * Moved swiperefreshlayout code from AbstractCursorListFragment to
2017-03-02 11:55:19 +01:00
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Kore - Kodi/XBMC remote for Android

GitHub repository for the Kore Android app.

Kore is the official remote for Kodi, and aims to be a simple and easy to use remote.


  1. Make sure you have a working Android build system;
  2. The version of Android SDK and Build Tools needed is specified in app/build.gradle. Make sure you have them installed;
  3. Install the version of Android support library that is specified in app/gradle (dependencies section);
  4. Git pull
  5. Gradle should be able to fetch all the other needed libraries.


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