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Martijn Brekhof 6b58ed6495 Fix androidx migration for commandline builds 3 years ago
Martijn Brekhof e5ab122b1d Updated gradle and compile and target SDK version (#640)
Had to upgrade robolectric as well as old version didn't
seem to cooperate with new gradle version.
4 years ago
Martijn Brekhof d634d9455e Refactored instrumentation tests to support RecyclerViews
* Fixed Espresso not waiting on ViewPager switching
* Removed BaseMediaActivityTests abstract class.
  Unfortunately the click action on list items now requires
  a unique item to be able to select the item to click.
  Therefore the tests from BaseMediaActivityTests have been
  moved to the specific test classes. This made the
  BaseMediaActivityTests class obsolete.
* Removed dependency on Context class in AddonsHandler and inlined
  the json data to allow the AddonsHandler to be initialized before
  the test activity is started. This was needed to have the
  AddonsActivityTests directly start the AddonsActivity, instead of
  first starting MoviesActivity and from there start the AddonsActivity.
5 years ago
Martijn Brekhof f631efeca9 Fixed issue with running many instrumentation tests (#536)
During tests, activities were not closed properly causing increasing
memory usage, which resulted in failing tests because of
out of memory errors.
This has been fixed by using the test orchestrator which runs
each test in its own instrumentation instance.

Removed the instrumentationTest flavor and replaced it by using the
default debug build type. The flavor was used to keep the required
permissions during testing separate from release versions. This can
also be accomplished using the debug build type.

The PagerSlidingTabStrip from astuetz doesn't work with the new
android build tools. As the project seems dead, I replaced it with
PagerTabStrip from the support library.
5 years ago
Martijn Brekhof b0e6d329f3 Fixed lint errors (#491)
Lint is complaining about the new launcher icons in 'res/mipmap-anydpi-v26'
are not in PNG format. These are now defined in XML and lint is probably
not aware of the new XML format for API v26 and higher.

This also fixes usage of "android:layout_marginEnd". Which is only
supported from API v17.

Added running lintFullRelease to travis-CI build.
6 years ago
Raafat Akkad fa6796475c Add Adaptive Icon For API 26+ (#450)
* Target Sdk Version 26
* Add Adaptive Icon For API 26+
* Update travis to compile against API 26
* Move SVG files to art/launcher/v26/ per CR
* Scale logo to 83%
* Update buildToolsVersion to 26.0.2
* Update travis build-tools to 26.0.2
6 years ago
Martijn Brekhof a35f05c735 Fixed travis build by reducing the memory consumption of gradle (#436) 6 years ago
Synced Synapse 6d779af3b1 Fix travis build 6 years ago
Martijn Brekhof 07be6da2ad Fixed lint errors regarding calling new methods on older versions (#334) 6 years ago
Martijn Brekhof eea3a69d3d Updated travis configuration 7 years ago
Martijn Brekhof bbda7df4aa Refactored integration tests to use robolectric (#302)
* Updated travis build to include running local tests for each PR
* Removed unused methods from
* Moved all resources required by both local and instrumentation tests
  to testUtils
* Added proguard rules for the test builds to prevent proguard from discarding
  the junit classes
7 years ago
Martijn Brekhof e399c3e607 Fixed travis build tools version 7 years ago
Martijn Brekhof 6a928e3c95 Added fix for travis build 7 years ago
Martijn Brekhof 1008b87213 Upgraded travis CI config to match our android build (tools) version 7 years ago
Martijn Kaijser 8ab94c3ce2 [CI] add Travis-CI file for auto build testing 7 years ago